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27 Oct 2016

FET Flagships: Lessons learned from first 30 months

The European Commission and the two flagships, the Graphene Flagship & the Human Brain Project, have jointly published a report on lessons learned after 3 years of collective work in Flagships. The ramp-up phase of the two Flagships lasted from October 2013 to April 2016.

The EC has also launched an evaluation of the FET Flagship instrument that is being carried out by an independent panel of high-level experts as part of the Horizon 2020 interim evaluation. The scope of the evaluation panel is to capture the wider views of how Flagships are perceived and utilised by the scientific communities in Europe and beyond and provide an independent view of the Flagships' impacts so far.

The findings and recommendations of the Interim Evaluation panel of the Flagships will further contribute to assess the Flagship concept and its implementation and will contribute to improvements in the future. Preparations for the launch of further FET Flagships, towards the end of Horizon 2020, or in its successor programme, will take full account of the lessons learnt so far.


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