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21 Oct 2016

CESAER publishes input on Horizon 2020 interim evaluation

On 21st October 2016, CESAER - the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research, has published a Statement report to provide input into the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020. Fifty-one universities of science and technology from twenty-six European countries urge the European Union to draw on its historical and geopolitical responsibility to provide new momentum to maintain and strengthen the Europe of Knowledge. Key messages of the paper include to keep excellence as the key criterion for Horizon 2020 (and to provide more funding for the European Research Council) and to prioritise funding into research and research-based innovation, in spite of - or rather because of - the current economic challenges in Europe. Continued investments in research and innovation would create more synergies with other EU programmes and national funds and leverage more private investments into research and development, thereby improving our global performance.

CESAER Statement report

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