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17 Oct 2016

European Court of Auditors 2015 reports include focus on Horizon 2020

The 2015 European Court of Auditor’s (ECA) annual reports on the implementation of the 2015 EU budget and the European Development Funds  provide an overview of EU financial management during the year and makes suggestions on how it could be improved. For this annual report, one chapter takes a special look at the performance management systems for Horizon 2020, building on last year’s review of Europe 2020.

For 2015, the Court of Auditors said the EU accounts were prepared in accordance with international standards and present a true and fair view of the situation. According to the report, the level of error under the heading "competitiveness” was estimated at 4.4%, lower than in 2014, when it was 5.6%.

President Klaus-Heiner Lehne presented the report to the European Parliament’s budgetary control committee. In the Horizon 2020 programme, the Court found that there had been improvements compared to the seventh framework programme. Lehne said he felt that the increasing use of financial instruments, “which are neither directly funded by the EU budget nor audited by us, poses greater risks in terms of accountability and the coordination of EU policies and operations”.

2015 Audit in Brief

ECA 2015 Reports

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