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12 Oct 2016

"Simple, faster and fill the gaps"- Moedas outlines plans for European Innovation Council

In a video message published in 12 October 2016, Commissioner Moedas describes the changes he hopes to bring in EU innovation policy throughout the coming year (recorded for the EARTO conference taking place in Brussels). He states that EU support to innovators should be simple, faster and fill the gaps for market creating innovation. Changes that could be introduced soon cover a one-stop-shop of relevant support, the improvement of the user interface (website and guidance) and a "common language" for funders and innovators. He wants the SME instrument becoming fully bottom-up. In terms of evaluation, he wants to adapt the criteria to make support for more risky projects possible and to introduce face-to-face interviews.More support should be given to mentoring & coaching. He emhasis that data and intelligence are key and regulatory barriers should be identified. Strong partnerships with existing initiatives like the EIT should avoid overlaps.

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