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06 Oct 2016

European University Association releases new data on university funding

The European University Association (EUA) presented the findings of the 2016 Public Funding Observatory on 6 October 2016 on the occasion of the 3rd Funding Forum at the University of Porto in Portugal. The data captures the very latest funding trends in Europe and offers the most up-to-date information on 30 different higher education systems.

As public finances are under increased pressure, policy makers are revising university funding models with a view to rationalise expenditures, generate greater added value and increase efficiency in the sector. At the same time, it is becoming highly relevant for the university sector to show and quantify its contribution to society, in both social and economic terms.

“This data proves that almost all of Europe's higher education systems are feeling the heat,” said Thomas Estermann, EUA’s Director of Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development. “The Public Funding Observatory also demonstrates widening funding gaps between national systems, translating into a huge challenge to the creation of unified European Higher Education and Research Areas.”

Cuts in national funding also result in increased competition for EU grants as some countries expect European funding to fill the holes. However, according to the EUA analysis, this does not work. Universities with a stronger national funding base are more likely to win EU funding grants than those with low or declining budgets.

The new data, covering these topics and more, is presented in an online tool, and a report summarising the key findings.

2016 Public Funding Observatory online tool,

Public Funding Observatory report

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