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05 Oct 2016

Report on Postdoctoral Funding Schemes in Europe issued

The Science Europe Working Group on Research Careers has carried out a mapping of support opportunities for postdoctoral researchers (‘postdocs’) to improve understanding of what funders do to support researchers’ careers after the completion of their PhD, and to learn whether
existing funding schemes can be improved in terms of career support.

The report presents the results of a mapping exercise of 104 funding schemes and includes the following recommendations:

  • A Common Understanding as Basis for a Policy
  • Continuous Development of the Schemes Through Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Flexible Funding Schemes
  • Good Working Conditions
  • Guidance Towards Independence
  • Greater Effort to Prepare and Train for Careers in Industry and Public Sector
  • Geographic Mobility
  • Preserve Diversity

The postdoctoral period is a critical phase in a researcher´s career. It is when a young researcher chooses whether or not to pursue a scientific career, and succeeds in achieving that goal, or not.

Postdoctoral Funding Schemes in Europe - SURVEY REPORT

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