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04 Oct 2016

New partnership and cooperation agreement with Vietnam enters into force

On 1 October, the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement  (PCA) between the European Union and Vietnam entered into force, following its ratification. The agreement will broaden cooperation in a wide range of areas, including science and technology.

The new cooperation agreement , which was signed on 27 June 2012, replaces a Cooperation Agreement dating back from 1995. It strengthens the existing relationship between the European Union and Vietnam, consolidating existing areas of cooperation and engagement, and deepening and diversifying their relations further in areas of mutual interest. With the overall aims of promoting economic and social progress for the citizens of both the European Union and Vietnam, as well as the pursuit of stable, prosperous and free societies, the PCA builds on the shared commitment towards good governance, human rights and sustainable development, underlining the importance of trade and rule of law. Moreover, the Agreement will broaden cooperation in a wide range of areas, such as sustainable development, climate change, justice and security, science and technology, good governance, as well as facilitate trade and investment.

Vietnam and the EU

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