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04 Oct 2016

Austrian FP9 Theses Paper published

The Theses Paper for shaping  the next (9th) EU-RTD Framework Programme, prepared by the Austrian FP9 Think Tank, is now ready for download. The paper shall provide input for the discussion on the upcoming FP in Austria as well as on European level and across Europe at an early stage.

The bottom line of the paper is for the next FP to put the focus on achieving impact. To this end the Think Tank proposes to develop a common Research, Technology and Innovation Policy for Europe, to concentrate on a limited number of priority areas for the FP and to foster strategic intelligence and strategic programme management. An enhanced mission orientation for the societal challenges part and a focus on transformative innovation for the competitiveness part is also proposed. Furthermore the continuation of the ERC and the MSCA, a more strategic approach for the collaboration with 3rd countries and a better use of ESIF for RTI are addressed.

Theses Paper

The paper will be presented by the members of the Think Tank at a Conference in Vienna on 10 October. At this conference the 10 Theses of the Think Tank shall be discussed in depth with Austrian Stakeholders.

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