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22 Sep 2016

RTI evaluation experts meet at international OPEN EVALUATION Conference in Vienna on 24-25 November 2016

Open Evaluation 2016, the largest conference in Europe dedicated to the evaluation of policies in the field of research, technology and innovation policy (RTI) will gather academics, evaluators, research managers, authorities and RTI policy makers to debate challenging developments in RTI policy and their effects on evaluation theory and practice.

The conference addresses new actor settings, approaches and themes in RTI policy evaluation such as 'open science', 'RRI', or 'mission orientation' and of course a lot of methodological issues. The term OPEN EVALUATION signals also openness towards new values, new stakeholders and beneficiaries and new approaches and themes in RTI policies and RTI evaluations. The conference will host 20 paper sessions and a number of other conference formats. Key lectures will be held by Prof. Paula Stephan (Georgia State University & National Bureau of Economic Research), Dr. Steven Hill (Higher Education Funding Council for England) and Dr. Liz Allen (Kings College London, Strategic Initiatives, F1000).

To register and to find more information on this conference, which gathers distinguished key experts from Europe and beyond, please visit the conference website

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