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19 Sep 2016

European Young Scientists prize awarded in Brussels

On 19 September 2016 the European Commission awarded top prizes to 45 young scientists for their outstanding science projects. Cash prizes totalling €49 500 were handed out at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists award ceremony in Brussels, along with other valuable prizes such as science trips to Europe's leading research laboratories.

The three first prizes were awarded to Ane Espeseth (18) and Torstein Vik (17) from Norway for “Motivic Symbols and Classical Multiplicative Functions”, Valerio Pagliarino (16) from Italy for “LaserWAN: laser broadband internet connection” and River Grace (17) from USA for “Shining a Light on the Blind: Evolutionary Regression and Adaptive Progression in the Micro-vertebrate Ramphotyphlops braminus, a Model for Understanding Brain Organization and Complex Neurological Disorders”. The second prizes went to projects from Germany and Canada, in the areas of computing, physics and medicine. The three third prizes were given to projects from Ireland, Czech Republic and South Korea. A detailed list is available online.

The contestants, aged between 14 and 20, presented their projects to an international independent jury in the hope of picking up one of the 36 prestigious prizes. They all had previously won first prize in their home country's national science competitions in their specific field. The projects covered a broad spectrum of scientific areas, including biology, physics, chemistry, computing, social sciences, environment, mathematics, materials, engineering and medicine. This year's jury was chaired by Dr Lina Tomasella from the Astronomical Observatory of Padova.

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