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06 Jul 2016

Draft report on European Open Science Cloud published

On 20 June 2016 the EC's High Level Expert Group on the European Open Science Cloud published its draft Report. The aim of the Report is to look at the emerging concept of Open Science and to analyse how European countries can work on this collaboratively.

In the Preface to the Report, Professor Barend Mons, the HLEG EOSC Chair, points out the importance of the realisation of the European Open Science Cloud, but warns to not ignore the facts that  "the science system is in landslide transition from data-sparse to data-saturated."  Scholarly communication, data management methodologies, reward systems and training curricula would not adapt quickly enough.

He states: "Open Access articles are indispensable but solve only a fraction of the problem. Neither 'open research data' alone will do. We still try to press petabytes of results in length-restricted narrative, effectively burying them behind firewalls or in supplementary data behind decaying hyperlinks and then trying to mine them back again. Computers hate ambiguous human language and love structured, machine actionable data, while machine readable data are a turnoff for the human mind. As computers have become indispensable research assistants, we better make what we publish understandable to them. We need both in concert to form social machines; in order to do pattern recognition in complex, interlinked data as well as confirmational studies on methodology and rhetorics in plain understandable human language. We hope that this report will be part of a game-changing effort of all European Member States and our international partners towards true Open Science."

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