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The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

27 Jun 2016

JPI Climate renews Strategic Agenda

JPI Climate has updated its Agenda, which will guide the activities of JPI Climate for the next 10 years. It now  includes also Innovation. This Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) sets out three overarching challenges and one strategic mechanism that together are intended to develop and support excellent, innovative, relevant and informative climate research. The framing – especially the emphasis on connectivity and synergy - reflects the priorities and approaches of researchers, funders and practitioners in the countries participating in JPI Climate.
The three overarching challenges are:

1. Understanding the processes and consequences of climate change
2. Improving knowledge on climate-related decision-making processes and measures
3. Researching sustainable societal transformation in the context of climate change

JPI Climate’s mission is to align and inform strategies, instruments, resources and actors at national and European levels by connecting the various research communities with research funders and performing organisations, within and across European countries, and beyond Europe.

JPI Climate SRIA

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