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31 May 2016

Involving citizens in science: Interview with Aude Lapprand

In 2015, the Sciences Citoyennes Foundation published a manifesto with the aim to strengthening the confidence between science and society. This manifesto will be presented by the Sciences Citoyennes Foundation at the 7th Living Knowledge conference, which will be held in Dublin, Ireland, 22-24 June 2016.

“What we mainly want with this manifesto is to create a debate, especially amongst researchers and citizens,” says Aude Lapprand, the general delegate of the Foundation in an interview with EuroScientist.

“I think that in this manifesto we are quite aware that we presented some non-consensual positions, especially on some myths generated by some researchers like freedom of research,” she adds. Among the proposed solutions to improve democracy in science are citizen conventions, which link 15 citizens randomly chosen from the population.

Since 2002, the Sciences Citoyennes Foundation, a French non-profit organisation that leads a discussion about the responsibility of researchers and democracy in science, has been working at encouraging the democratisation and civil appropriation of science.

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