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19 May 2016

Universities of Applied Sciences call for better use of their potential for Europe

UAS4EUROPE, a joint initiative of European Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) networks, has issued a position paper “Smart Partnerships for Regional Impact” to highlight the various roles of the UAS and their value to Europe. The paper describes the role of European Universities of Applied Sciences who deliver applied research and innovation on the one hand and act as an important link between SMEs and industry, traditional universities, societal organisations, and VET and other educational institutions in the region on the other hand.

In the paper UAS4EUROPE argues that the potential impact of UAS at the European level has not been fully utilised. The paper also  argues that Europe as a whole would benefit from realising this potential further and by focusing on the role of UAS as connectors, that is, connectors linking citizens, companies (especially SMEs) and public institutions.

UAS4EUROPE is a joint initiative from EURASHE, UASnet, swissuniversities, Hochschule Bayern e.V. (supported by the Bavarian Research Alliance), and the Austrian FHK to promote the voice of the UAS in Europe

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