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06 May 2016

EUA publishes its response to EIC Call for Ideas

The European University Association (EUA) has published its response to the European Commission's Call for Ideas concerning a "European Innovation Council" (EIC). The response is the outcome of a consultation the EUA held with its university members and its Research Policy Working Group, and looks at the concept of innovation from a university perspective.

According to the EUA, the main mission of a future EIC should be to enhance Europe’s competitiveness and to create jobs for the benefit of society. The EUA also stresses that an EIC should take into account the strong relation between investment in research-based innovation, investment in the development of highly-skilled workers and the resulting economic and social innovation. 

The EUA’s main recommendations for an EIC include the following:

  • An EIC would be most useful as an advisory and coordinating body, integrating all European Commission policies on innovation, and streamlining existing instruments.
  • An EIC should consider all forms of innovation and take a strategic role in advising on European innovation ecosystems. It should also promote excellent, research-based innovation for the benefit of society.
  • An EIC should not be designed as a funding body. At a time of low public research investment in Europe, it is essential that existing funding allocated to research is preserved.
  • An EIC should involve all relevant stakeholders and have transparent, swift consultations and decision-making processes. It should complement other EU bodies, avoiding overlap. 
  • An EIC could contribute to reinforcing links between education and training, investment in basic research and in innovation. It should also build on existing good practices.

For more information:

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