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04 May 2016

JRC Report on research performance-based funding

According to a new JRC report, European countries with research performance-based funding (RPBF) systems in place have consistently improved the quality of research output, in the last decade.

To help national authorities identify relevant practices, the report analyses the different approaches across the EU 28, and selected associated and third countries.

Experts highlight the importance of considering the potential unintended consequences of different incentives, indicators and methodologies and offer advice for the need to monitor the effects and impact of the system. They also recommend involving stakeholders in the decision on the indicators and thinking about timing, as there might be some degree of institutional resistance to establish an RPBF system if no additional funding is foreseen.

The report will feed into the Mutual Learning Exercise on performance-based funding of public research organisations planned under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility in 2016. This exercise aims at informing Member States that are improving, or will improve, the design, implementation and evaluation of their funding allocation systems for public research organisations.

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