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26 Apr 2016

New ERA Portal Policy Brief provides reflections and input on ERA and next FP

A new policy brief on the ERA Portal Austria provides input on the current state and future outlook of the European Research Area (ERA) as well as early-stage reflections on the next (9th) Framework Programme.

Regarding ERA, the policy brief’s author Christian Naczinsky points out that as of this spring, ERA has been erased from the National Reform Programmes of Member States in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy, and that at the forthcoming Competitiveness Council, the ERA Roadmaps of the Member States do not appear on the agenda of the meeting other than at an informal lunch event. These two facts are seen as recent examples that suggest a decreasing relevance of the European Research Area. In his policy brief “A Plea for a Newly United Europe”, Christian Naczinsky therefore tries to re-establish the full importance of ERA, since ERA contributes to the success or failure of the European project at large, and to ignore ERA would mean to damage the research policy field beyond repair. The brief is intended as an early and purely personal contribution to the reflections on and discussion of the next (9th) Framework Programme, and does not represent the official opinion of Austria.

Readers can add comments to the policy-brief online.

ERA Portal Policy Brief: "A Plea for a Newly United Europe"

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