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25 Apr 2016

Annual comprehensive report on Austrian performance in H2020 released

The EU-Performance Monitoring (EU-PM) Team of the Austrian Promotion Agency (FFG) has published the Comprehensive Performance Report 2016. This report is published annually and provides a comprehensive analysis of the latest data on Austria’s performance in Horizon 2020. The source of the data used in this report is based on the data release of the European Commission of February 2016.

The report shows that Austria is performing well in Horizon 2020. After two years, Austria has generated more than € 391 million of funding, which is 2.8% of the budget allocated under Horizon 2020 so far. The Austrian enterprise sector in particular is very well represented in the current EU Research Framework Programme with a share of 35.4%. This is above the EU average of 32%. The Austrian non-university sector has remained stable in comparison to last year, with a share of 21.9%. The Austrian higher education sector is an important pillar, accounting for 30.3% of Austria’s performance in Horizon 2020.

Further details are provided in the Comprehensive Performance Report 2016.

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