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21 Apr 2016

eu*results magazine: focus on "man meets machine"

The current issue of the European Commission's CORDIS eu*results magazine focuses on the man-machine interface, presenting recent achievements of EU-funded scientists on this issue.

Other topics in this edition include:

  • Epigenetic alterations key for detecting and preventing breast cancer
  • New recommendations for reducing poverty in Europe
  • Constructing energy efficient schools for the future
  • Novel methods to extrapolate ancient climatological conditions
  • A new bandwidth variable transmitter to build future optical networks
  • Chemical bond formation simplified
  • The quest to detect bombs before they are even made
  • New magnetic radiation shielding to protect astronauts during deep space missions

The research*eu results magazine presents findings related to EU-funded science projects. It covers a large spectrum of topics including biology and medicine, environment, energy, transport, ICT, industrial technologies, social sciences and space and is published 10 times per year in English.

For more information:

CORDIS results*eu magazine


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