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19 Apr 2016

EARTO: Frank Treppe announced as new President, Antti Vasara new Vice-President

The EARTO Executive Board has elected Frank Treppe as President of EARTO, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations. Mr. Treppe has taken office on 19 April 2016.

Frank Treppe is an associate member of the board and the Director Corporate Strategy and International Affairs of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Germany, a leading research and technology organisation. Mr. Treppe has served in various managing positions at different Fraunhofer Institutes and companies in Germany and in the United States. He was in charge of the incorporation and operation of Fraunhofer USA, where he initiated the launch of 6 Fraunhofer research centers. Today, Mr. Treppe is Chairman of Fraunhofer UK and Fraunhofer Chile and member of the Supervisory Board of Fraunhofer Austria and Fraunhofer Sweden. In October 2014, he also took over the responsibilities as President of Fraunhofer USA. In addition, he serves as evaluator in the technology programs of the European Commission, and he is member of Steering Committees for several international large-scale technology projects.

The EARTO Executive Board has also welcomed the nomination of Antti Vasara as Vice-President of EARTO. Mr. Vasara has taken on his seat on 19 April 2016. Antti Vasara is President and CEO of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, which is the leading multitechnology Research and Technology Organisation in Finland. Antti Vasara is a technology industry executive with close to 20 years of P&L and general management experience from international companies as well as board of director experience from several public and private companies in Finland, Canada and the UK.

For more information: - press release

Picture (EARTO): Frank Treppe

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