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12 Apr 2016

EUA publishes report on universities promoting regional innovation

The European University Association (EUA) has recently published a report on the RIS3 Workshop "Universities Promoting Regional Innovation Across Europe". The workshop was held in Madrid in November 2015. The EUA's report includes the recommendations made by the EUA Expert Group on RIS3 and the workshop outcomes.

The EUA Expert Group on RIS3 agreed on the following recommendations, amongst others:

  • Effective Smart Specialisation needs political support and platforms for dialogue to bring together universities and public authorities at national or regional level.
  • Showcase initiatives should be set up with a view to sharing good practice in research and innovation activities for regional development across Europe.
  • Decision-making processes in the area of Smart Specialisation and regional innovation should be evidence-based and transparent.
  • In order to monitor and evaluate current approaches, regions should use an appropriate range of assessment approaches and multi-dimensional measures that are able to capture diverse effects in the local innovation ecosystem.
  • Higher levels of strategic and practical alignment of different funding instruments, and further harmonisation and simplification of regulations are required in order to be able to use funds synergetically to contribute to regional competitiveness and innovation.
  • Co-creation of knowledge through active engagement of universities with external stakeholders should get sufficient incentives and recognition mechanisms to be valued on a par with traditional research activities.
  • Universities provide a unique and essential link between research and education. Investing in even stronger links between education and research will support the development of human talent which is the fundamental driver of innovation.

For further information:

EUA Report


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