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06 Apr 2016

Moedas stresses importance of Open Science at NL Presidency conference

The current Dutch Council Presidency held a conference on Open Science, one of its key Presidency priority issues, on 4 to 5 April 2016 in Amsterdam. The purpose of the conference was for member states and stakeholders to emphasise the importance of the transition towards Open Science, and to draft a joint action agenda. The conference discussed ways of speeding up the culture shift and transition, how to bridge the gap between academia and society by sharing research findings in new ways, and how to work together, as member states, stakeholders and experts, to achieve these aims.

Speaking at the conference, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, expressed his belief in the importance of Open Science. Opening access to research results would not only increase the value of public investment in science, it would also contribute to scientific excellence by allowing research results to be reused for new discoveries and by enabling multi-disciplinary research, he claimed.

To clarify the legal framework, the Commission would soon propose a Copyright Directive that would include research exemptions. To provide the necessary infrastructure, the Commission would set out an action plan to establish a European Open Science Cloud in the following days.

Mr. Moedas also announced the upcoming launch of the "Open Science Policy Platform" to advise the Commission on the policy actions required to implement the Open Science Agenda, as well as to help with their implementation. The members of the platform will be announced at the Competitiveness Council on 26 and 27 May 2016. .

For more information:

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Speech by Commissioner Moedas


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