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31 Mar 2016

Latest issue of CORDIS results*eu magazine focues on biomarkers

The European Commission's CORDIS service has published the latest issue of its research*eu results magazine. The current edition focuses on biomarkers. Even though biomarkers can be used at each step of medical practice, there are still some issues to be dealt with, such as difficult validation processes for diagnostic kits, and regulators generally requiring diagnostic tests and drugs to be developed in tandem.

research*eu magazine highlights concrete examples of FP7 biomarker research which could soon lead to concrete advances for patients, as well as early results from some Horizon 2020 projects funded under the SME Instrument. Other topics in this edition include:

  • Tools to help health professionals make better technological choices
  • The hominids of Ain Hanech
  • Long-lasting coatings for offshore renewable energy
  • EU study suggests a ‘right policy mix’ for the future ETS
  • Smart helmet and garment to help save motorcycle riders in the event of a crash
  • Lightweight metal component processing offers competitive advantages
  • New insights on the safety of GM organisms
  • Innovative tools for optimal tax schemes
For more information and download of the magazine, please go to
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