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30 Mar 2016

EC's Digital Futures Final Report outlines 2050 visions and policy challenges

The European Commission has recently published the Digital Futures Final Report, which outlines visions and policy challenges up to 2050. The report is the outcome of a foresight exercise which was launched by the European Commission's DG CONNECT in autumn 2012 and completed in December 2013. The aim of the exercise was to explore potential interactions between different areas of technology, human life and global resources.

According to the report, digital technologies will continue to affect every aspect of the EU's citizens' lives. ICT and other powerful furces will trigger both massive innovation and pose immense challenges to current social structures and systems. The authors say that most of the underlying visions in the report are crowd-sourced from a wide range of constituencies, beyond the "Brussels bubble", including e.g. students from the Erasmus network. The exercise also includes a philosophical reflection on how European values could be affected by some of these changes and on the choices European citizens will have to confront.

For more information:

EC - Futurium Innovation4EU Website

Digital Futures Final Report

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