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29 Mar 2016

UK scientists take stance against Brexit

As reported by the European University Association (EUA), a large number of university leaders and scientists in the UK are mobilising against the "Brexit", ahead of the referendum on UK EU-membership. The referendum ist due to take place on 23 June 2016.

More than 150 eminent scientists, including e.g. the well-known theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, have signed an open letter arguing that leaving the EU could be “a disaster for science”. They explain that the EU has boosted UK science in two crucial ways, first through the funding programmes where the UK has a competitive edge and second through the free movement of labour that facilitates the recruitment of talented researchers from across Europe who might go to UK institutions with an EU grant.

In addition, Universities UK has run a "Universities for Europe" campaign since the summer of 2015, by which the association tries to show the value of the EU for research and education in the UK, and to foster a public debate with all sides. The campaign includes a series of events and panel discussions on the Brexit issue, but also engaging with other European partners outside the UK and discussing the potential impact of a Brexit on European higher education. The EUA strongly supports the "Universities for Europe" campaign.

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