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11 Mar 2016

She Figures 2015 show unchanged share of women researchers in the EU

The under‑representation of women continues to characterise participation in science & technology occupations. In more than half of the countries women are under‑represented relative to men, making up less than 45 % of scientists and engineers. At the level of the EU-28, women scientists and engineers made up 2.8 % of the total labour force in 2013, whereas men made up 4.1 %. However, there has been some progress in this area – the number of women amongst employed scientists and engineers grew by an average of 11.1 % per year between 2008 and 2011 (at a faster rate than the number of men, which grew by 3.3 % over the same period).

Amongst researchers specifically, the representation of women and men also remains uneven. In 2011, women in the EU accounted for only 33 % of researchers (EU-28) – a figure unchanged since 2009 (EU-27). In only eight out of 28 EU Member States did women account for more than 40 % of researchers. Women in the EU have a stronger presence amongst researchers in the higher education and government sectors. In the business enterprise sector, they make up close to one in five researchers (2011).

The She Figures 2015 include new indicators to match emerging policy priorities, e.g.  measuring the degree to which research papers integrate a sex/gender analysis into their content. These are the first to consider research content itself, as opposed to the personnel and conditions within the research community.

She Figures Report 2015

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