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10 Mar 2016

ESFRI launches new European research infrastructure projects

On 10 March 2016, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) presented the 2016 ESFRI Roadmap on Research Infrastructures during a conference in Amsterdam. The 2016 Roadmap consists of 21 ESFRI projects, which are research infrastructures in the development phase. It also comprises 29 ESFRI Landmarks, Research Infrastructures (RI) that reached the implementation phase by the end of 2015.

ESFRI identifies Research Infrastructures (RIs) of pan-European scope that meet the long-term needs of European researchers across all scientific areas. Since 2006, ESFRI has presented a series of updated Roadmaps supporting a coherent and strategy-led approach to the European Council’s policy-making. Its mission is to ensure that leading researchers in the Union have access to high-quality RIs and to facilitate initiatives leading to the better use of such infrastructures.

For more information:

ESFRI Roadmap 2016

List of Projects



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