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The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

19 Feb 2016

16 Countries engage in a Mutual Learning Exercise on Alignment

Representatives of 15 Member States and Norway met in Brussels on 11 February to prepare a joint exercise to find ways for stepping up their efforts and performance in aligning national research programmes and activities in the context of grand societal Challenges. The Exercise is organised by the European Commission as part of the “Policy Support Facility”, a line of action designed to support Member States in advancing in the ERA priorities. The ambition is to find ways for better national coordination and overall strengthening of the role of MS in the Joint Programming Process. There is a common understanding among the participating countries that JPIs and other forms of transnational collaboration depend on the willingness and capability of Member States to engage themselves determinedly into the joint processes. The action is planned to run for 6 months with the possibility of a second term if it proves successful.

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