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19 Feb 2016

GPC discusses a possible new JPI on Migration and Integration

At its last meeting on 12 February the GPC discussed the option of setting up a new JPI on Research on Migration and Integration. Just a week earlier the EC had organised a conference in Brussels „Understanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge: The Role of Research”  where inter alia a policy review on “Research on Migration” was presented (see also News of 15 Feb ). The focus of the discussion in the GPC was whether there is a need to coordinate national and European research efforts and if yes what would be the right mechanism(s). The GPC invited Professor Carling from the Peace Research Institute Oslo to elaborate on the subject. The discussion made clear that a JPI is not a tool for generating immediate answers to the emergency situation in Europe. But the issue of migration and integration is likely to stay high on our agenda for many years to come. A JPI could in addition to coordinating research efforts provide a platform to engage with stakeholders and for communicating results and data to underpin decision making and concrete actions. Should the path of creating a JPI be followed, the rules for new JPI’s would have to be followed and a substantiated concept would have to be developed. A core group led by France and Italy is expected to initiate a preparatory process.


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