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17 Feb 2016

SAM publishes minutes of first meeting

The European Commission's Scientific Advice Mechanism SAM has published the minutes of its first meeting, which was held on 29 January 2016. SAM provides strategic advice to the EC on scientific issues.

At the first meeting, Henrik Wegener and Elvira Fortunato were designated as Chair and Deputy Chair of SAM for a period of twelve months, and SAM's Rules of Procedures were discussed. The group also discussed issues concerning the role and operation of SAM, including, amongst others, that the role of SAM is to describe the scientific aspects associated to the various policy options without advocating for any specific option. Advice provided by the SAM HLG needs to be accessible and useful for policy makers, and should be based on "state of the art" science. It should also mention uncertainties or contradictory views and evidence when they exist (e.g. from EU science academies or the JRC). The main role of SAM is to advise the Commission, but the High Level Group (HLG) can also interact with the European Parliament and other EU level institutions where appropriate.

The first two issues SAM is asked to provide advice on are cybersecurity and closing the gap between light duty vehicles' real world CO2 emissions and laboratory testing.

SAM is also entitled to initiate topics. In an an exploratory exchange on potential future topics, SAM members mentioned, amongst others, migration, climate adaptation and climate mitigation, sustainable development goals, climate risk with a particular focus on food and water security, cloud computing, information sharing and open access, technology transfer, the European brain drain problem, inequality in the European research system, and twinning schemes and the need for capacity building in research systems.

The next SAM HLG meeting will take place on 16/17 March 2016 in Brussels.

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