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17 Feb 2016

EUA publishes Statement on EC's Copyright Framework

The European University Association (EUA) has published a response to the European Commission's Communication on copyright of 9 December 2016. The EUA welcomes the Communication and the EC's intention to reform the current legislation, and in particular the EC’s ambition to strive for more harmonisation and to provide exceptions for text and data mining and teaching.

With regard to the upcoming legislative proposals, the EUA emphasises the following issues which it considers to be important:

  • a mandatory exception for public interest research organisations and for scientific research purposes should be included to enable all parties who have legal access to the content to mine it with the tools of their choice.
  • an further exception should allow research organisations to distribute scientific publications of affiliated researchers through their own channels, such as publication repositories, in order to make publicly funded research available to the public through Open Access.
  • exception for "illustration for teaching", which concerns both text and other resources (e.g. figures, illustrations), and its application to digital uses and to online learning, should be clarified, and should facilitate explicitly off-site education.
  • exceptions for research and teaching should not be overridden by contracts or licenses with third parties or by technical protection measures such as Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • public availability of cultural heritage assets at universities should not be limited by inadequate copyright legislation.
  • the disability exception should ensure equal access to all information for disabled students, researchers and educators.

For more information:

EUA Open Science Statement

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