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15 Feb 2016

Findings from FP7 projects on migration published in Policy Review Document

On 4-5 February 2016, a two-day conference, organised by DG Research and Innovation, took place in Brussels. The aim of the conference was to explore and demonstrate how European research can support policy makers in designing effective and sustainable migration policies. To this end, past and current research on migration - including research on integration, circular migration, migration and development, data and statistical modelling - were be presented and debated from a policy perspective.

In the context of this conference, the Commission has published a Policy Review-Document which summarises findings and comprehensive analyses from FP7 projects on migration:

Policy Review Document

An additional publication presents an overview of past and ongoing research projects in the abovementioned areas. Some basic information is provided for each project. Readers willing to explore further are referred to projects’ websites and other resources:

Research and Innovation Projects in support to European Policy - Migration and Mobility


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