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12 Feb 2016

ERC Consolidator Grants provide €585 million for 302 top researchers in Europe

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced the 302 winners of its 2015 Consolidator Grant competition. These excellent mid-career scientists are awarded a total of €585 million, as part of the European Union Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020. With grants worth up to €2 million each, they will be able to consolidate their research teams and to develop their innovative ideas.

The researchers selected in this call will, for example, develop a new method to control insects transmitting diseases such as the Zika virus, build ultra-thin portable fuel cells, and investigate the effectiveness of political apologies across cultures. They are likely to employ more than 2,100 post docs, PhD students and other research team members.

In the list of host countries Austria ranks 11th (9 principal investigators). The top host countries are UK, Germany and France. A list of all 302 grantees can be found here.


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