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The Knowledge-Sharing Platform

11 Feb 2016

Commission starts consultation on emerging fields of technological research & mathematics

The European Commission invites individuals, scientists, businesses and organisations to propose ideas for tomorrow's innovative research under Horizon 2020. These consultations are designed to be rather open discussions in which contributors can suggest ideas for a new FET Proactive initiative, propose a new FET Flagship topic, or new areas for research in mathematics.

The Commission is seeking feedback on three topics on the Digital4Science discussion platform:

•  on the research directions for the FET Proactive scheme;

•  on the research directions for the FET Flagships scheme;

•  on Mathematics for Excellence in Science in Horizon 2020.

Ideas and views gathered in this consultation will help the Commission prepare its FET Work Programme for 2018-2020. The consultation will be open until 30 April 2016.

More details can be found on the consultation website


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