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05 Feb 2016

research*eu results magazine: focus on garment industry sector research

The most recent issue of the CORDIS research*eu results magazine focuses on research on responsible management for the supply chain in the garment sector. The European textile industry is facing fierce competition from China and other parts of the world where production costs are much lower. Over the past years however, the European industry has increasingly been capitalising on its historic trademark of quality and innovation while building a reputation for environmental and social responsibility.

The European Commission has started a flagship initiative on responsible management for the supply chain in the garment sector and provides funding for research projects in this field within the research framework programmes. For instance, feasibility studies under Horizon 2020 have looked at topics ranging from wireless baby monitoring garments and protective clothing to virtual fitting rooms, innovative software for manufacturers and high value textile based using marine litter as raw material.

Other topics in the current edition of the magazine include:

  • - Computational technologies for accurate and safe ear surgery
  • - Policy benefits of research
  • - Energy out of thin air
  • - Economic consequences of climate change
  • - Nanotech tools open market for more miniature electronics
  • - Designs for LHC upgrade present hi-tech opportunities
  • - 3D-printed food to help patients with dysphagia
  • - Studying the end points of stellar evolution

research*eu results magazine - issue 48


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