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27 Jan 2016

Dutch Presidency to hold major brainstorming session on next EU's multiannual budget

The Dutch Council Presidency is organising a brainstorming meeting with around 200 participants on the EU's next multiannual budget on 28 January 2016 in Amsterdam. According to the Presidency, ministers from the Member States, European Commissioners, members of the Dutch parliament, academics and senior civil servants from the entire European Union will participate. The event aims at kick-starting a discussion on reforming the so-called Multiannual Financial Framework, to mark the start of a lengthier discussion to address the difficult topics.The European Commissioners for Budget and Human Resources, Kristalina Georgieva, and the Commissioner for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen, as well as the Italian politician and economist Mario Monti will take part in the discussion.

Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders remarked that ‘Various countries have taken an uncompromising stance on the EU’s long-term budget. Every country has its own sacred cows. We hope to change that by getting the debate started now and by asking for daring ideas and out-of-the-box proposals. Ideally, this should give us more leeway to reform the budget during the next round of negotiations in 2018.’ Mr  Koenders emphasised that 'the discussion will benefit from having as many different participants as possible gather in Amsterdam,’adding that ‘at present there is a gap between what is being said about on the budget in Brussels and what is being said in the capital cities. We can bridge that gap by getting everyone to the table. That will get the debate moving.’

For further information:

NL Presidency - press release

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