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25 Jan 2016

JPI More Years, Better Lives launches call on "Understanding Welfare Models"

The Joint Transnational Call 2016 of JPI "More Years, Better Lives" is open now. Its objective is to enable a better coordination of national, European and Canadian R&D programmes and activities relevant to Demographic Change. 

The aim of the call is to support research which will improve the understanding of how different approaches to welfare secure the quality of life, especially with regard to older people. The objective is to develop comparative perspectives on “welfare models”, and the ways in which they are changing, drawing on the great diversity of approaches to welfare across Europe and Canada. A better understanding of these differences can help policymakers to identify potential ways of meeting needs, as their own models evolve in response to changing demographic pressures and circumstances. Because welfare models involve a complex interaction of public, private and voluntary activity, understanding them, their impact and the ways in which they are changing, will draw on expertise from many academic disciplines. Therefore proposals shall have an interdisciplinary nature.

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) is one of the 13 funding organisations that will participate in the call. The overall call budget is € 5 m.  

The Submission Tool will open from 22 February 2016 until 11 April 2016  12.00 CET.

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