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22 Jan 2016

ERC awards 135 Proof of Concept grants

On 22 January 2016, the ERC has announced the results of the third round of its 2015 Proof of Concept grant competition. Overall, in three rounds of the competition, 135 ERC grantees benefited from this top-up funding scheme. The Proof of Concept grants, worth €150,000 each, can be used, for example, to establish intellectual property rights, investigate business opportunities or conduct technical validation.

The awarded projects come from research, covering a wide range of topics in physical sciences and engineering, life sciences, as well as social sciences and humanities. In 2015, the ERC received 339 applications for this type of funding and awarded grants worth €20 million.
The researchers selected in the competition are based in 17 countries across Europe: United Kingdom (22), Spain (20), Netherlands (17), Germany (15), France (10), Sweden (9), Israel (8), Switzerland (8), Italy (7), Belgium (5), Austria (3), Denmark (3), Portugal (3), Greece (2), Cyprus (1), Finland (1), and Poland (1). The Austrian grant winners are Jürgen Knoblich (Institute for Molecular Biotechnology), Aleksandr Ovsianikov and Siegfried Selberherr (both University of Technology Vienna).

List of grantees

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