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14 Jan 2016

Science Europe publishes Opinion Paper on role of humanities research in innovation

Science Europe, the Brussels-based association of European Research Funding Organisations and Research Performing Organisations, has recently published an Opinion Paper on "Radical Innovation: Humanities Research Crossing Knowledge Boundaries and Fostering Deep Change". The paper was written by the Science Europe Scientific Committee for the Humanities.

Against the background of discussions about Europe losing its leading position in innovation, the opinion paper tries to show how arts and humanities research is at the heart of innovation processes, and advocates the need for a wider and deeper understanding of the concept of innovation in order to better prepare Europe to tackle global challenges. The paper claims that social innovation on the one hand and technology-driven innovation on the other are both essential elements in the creation of a new research-centred innovation ecology for the 21st century

The first part of this Opinion Paper addresses the concept and definition of innovation, according to the arts and humanities approaches, as a means to identify the tools to realise innovation, as well as identifying the existing patterns of innovation in humanities research around the world. The second part of the paper is dedicated to different forms of innovation and examples of types of innovation as well as of existing projects and innovative humanities research initiatives. The third part of the paper focuses on recommendations and suggestions to indicate possible strategies to improve the ways in which scientific policies and funding strategies may support radical, as opposed to incremental, innovation.

Science Europe Opinion Paper "Radical Innovation: Humanities Research Crossing Knowledge Boundaries and Fostering Deep Change" (pdf)

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