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12 Jan 2016

FFG analyses participation of Austrian enterprises in Horizon 2020

The third edition of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG's “thematic dossier” analyses the performance of Austrian enterprises in Horizon 2020 and draws conclusions for further action. It looks into the participation of the Austrian enterprise sector in the different programmes of Horizon 2020, as well as in transnational programmes, including Eurostars. The analysis is based on data from the European Commission, from Eurostat, Statistik Austria, FFG and the EUREKA secretariat.

Due to the innovation orientation of the current Framework Programme, industry participation is of key importance. After the first two years of Horizon 2020, it is obvious that enterprises have been mobilised and their participation has increased. The analyses in the "thematic dossier" show that Austrian enterprises have had a successful start in Horizon 2020. They have submitted 582 proposals, of which 141 have been funded. 50 newcomers have participated successfully for the first time. Innovation instruments, such as the SME instrument and Fast Track to Innovation, have proved to be very attractive. The authors assume that the Commission’s simplification measures, and in particular the shortened time-to-grant, have had a positive impact on the participation of Austrian enterprises.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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