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08 Jan 2016

ERA-NET call on sustainable animal production announced

On 4 January 2016, the ERA-NET Sustainable Animal Production (SusAn) has launched a call for transnational research proposals.

This co-funded call for research is open to transnational research proposals which take a systems and interdisciplinary approach to research to address multiple objectives under the following three Research Areas:
 - Research Area 1: Improve the productivity, resilience and competitiveness of European Animal Production
 - Research Area 2: Improve and manage resource use to reduce waste and enhance the environmental sustainability of European Animal Production
- Research Area 3: Improve on-farm practices to enhance consumer acceptability and address societal challenges associated with animal welfare, product quality and safety, biodiversity and provision of ecosystem services.

The deadline for pre-proposal submission is 29 March 2016.

More details can be found on the ERA-NET SusAn website

Contact for Austria: Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

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