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07 Jan 2016

Moedas advances plans for new European Innovation Council

According to a Science|Business article, EU Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas is now moving ahead with his plan to create a European Innovation Council (EIC). The EIC should act as a one-stop shop for innovation and bring together the dispersed innovation activities in the Horizon 2020 programme under one roof. The aim is to create a pan-European body for innovation that will correspond to the role of the European Research Council for Science. According to Science|Business, European Commission officials have been working on the initiative behind the scenes for a few months and are now beginning to tap ideas from universities and industry on what exactly the new council should do. A wide range of ideas are up for discussion, including a suggestion that the new council should command similar resources to the ERC and hand out individual grants, or that its role should be a narrower advisory function, as played by institutes such as India’s National Innovation Council, or the American Energy Innovation Council.

Full Science|Business article

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