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16 Dec 2015

ERC projects promote ERC-funded research

The European Research Council (ERC) has launched two innovative projects to promote the results of ERC-funded research today. The projects ERC=Science² and ERCcOMICS will carry out a range of activities combining traditional and new communication tools in various European countries and languages. The projects were selected in an open competition and will run for four years.

ERC=Science² is a pan-European communications campaign focusing on popular scientific themes, e.g. longevity or cities of the future. It will highlight outstanding ERC projects and researchers through a set of innovative channels and materials. ERC grantees will take part in public events in science museums and universities all over Europe. The project is led by ScienceIBusiness, a media and communications company based in Belgium, which will coordinate a consortium of eight partners* - universities, science museums, small and medium enterprises, and business associations.

ERCcOMICS will bring together comics artists and ERC grantees to produce webcomics illustrating key scientific achievements. The project is coordinated by Pierre and Marie Curie University-Paris 6 in a partnership with La Bande Destinée, a communication agency in France. The comics will be paired with interviews with ERC grantees, documentaries on their projects and interactive content. Science exhibitions and comics festivals as well as public talk sketching and contests for students will be used as platforms to popularise ERC-funded research.

For further information:

ERC - press release

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