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09 Dec 2015

EIP on Raw Materials opens Call for Commitments

The European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials has opened a new Call for Commitments, which will be open from 1 December 2015 until 1 March 2016.

In order to be successful, the European Innovation Partnership needs to involve as many partners as possible, across the European Union and the entire raw materials value chain, who will carry out actions contributing to the objectives of the EIP. To this end the European Commission has foreseen to regularly launch "Calls for Commitments" to mobilise authorities, industry, academia and other relevant stakeholders.

A Commitment is an undertaking by the partners jointly committing to co-operate and take actions that will contribute to achieving the EIP's objectives in the different action areas. It is not of a legally binding nature. The first Call for Commitments in 2013 led to the recognition of 80 Raw Materials Commitments (RMCs).

For more information:

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