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10 Dec 2015

European universities discuss smarter policies and legislation for green investment

At the recent Science|Business Annual Summit in Barcelona, European universities, companies and policy leaders discussed the importance of research for sustainable growth and made an appeal in The Barcelona Climate Declaration. The Declaration had been released on 20 November 2015. It highlights the potential of research and innovation-based methods and calls for a shared action plan to address the climate crisis, while stressing the special responsibility and capacity of researchers and innovators in this context.

According to the declaration, EU and national governments are under-investing in energy and climate research. The action plan calls for a doubling of funding in the European Commission’s budget for research relevant to environmental issues and a comparable commitment, on the part of the EU member states, to keep research a priority. It also calls for more incentives to encourage the private sector to innovate in climate-related technologies, and notes that new, green technologies require special funding mechanisms to move towards global markets. Finally, the declaration recommends a comprehensive legislative agenda to incorporate research and innovation into all EU climate-related policies.

In this context, the European University Association's UNI-SET project aims to mobilise Europe’s universities to tackle the energy challenge.

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