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04 Dec 2015

EIB finalises EFSI governance

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has announced that it has finalised the governance structure for the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI). EIB President Werner Hoyer has appointed Wilhelm Molterer (former Austrian Vice-Chancellor and former Vice-President of the EIB) as the Managing Director, and Iliyana Tsanova as the Deputy Managing Director of the EFSI. Mr. Molterer will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the EFSI and for the preparation and chairing of meetings of the Investment Committee. Ms. Tsanova will assist him in his tasks and replace him in his absence. They have been apponted for a three-year term, following public hearings and the endorsement of the European Parliament (EP).

In parallel, the EFSI Steering Board has selected eight finance experts from seven countries who will form the EFSI Investment Committee as stipulated by EU law. They will start their term of office in January 2016. The Investment Committee will approve the use of the EU budget guarantee for projects brought to the EIB. The committee members appointed are:

  • Ms Gillian Day (United Kingdom)
  • Mr Thierry Deau (France)
  • Ms Vicky D Kefalas (Greece)
  • Ms Dalia Dubovske (Lithuania)
  • Mr Fabio Pammolli (Italy)
  • Mr Noel Gregor Paterson-Jones (United Kingdom)
  • Ms Nieves Rodriguez Varela (Spain)
  • Mr Dominik Radziwill (Poland)

These two measures complete the creation of the governance structures of the EFSI.

For more information:

EIB - press release


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