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03 Dec 2015

European Environment Agency report tracks climate change adaptation in Europe

The European Environment Agency has published a report on "National monitoring, reporting and evaluation of climate change adaptation in Europe". The report consolidates emerging information on monitoring, reporting and evaluation systems at national level in European countries. It looks at the most recent activities from European countries, provides insights into key aspects (e.g. drivers, governance, methodology and information channels) and reflects on current practices as well as on future issues that might be relevant for those working in this area. The report includes national-level case studies.

The report is published against the background that an increasing number of initiatives and measures are being put in place to adapt to current and potential impacts of climate change at European, national, regional and local levels. It is therefore now critical to understand better which actions work in which contexts and why, also given the fact that climate change impacts vary across Europe: Some regions are projected to face increasing water stress and drought, while others will experience floods. Different policies and actions therefore need to be put in place to meet adaptation needs and potential impacts specific to each area.

The EU's "Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change" foresees that the European Union and countries monitor and evaluate the status and progress of adaptation. According to the EEA report, 14 EU countries - including Austria - already have an MRE system in place or under development. Most European countries with MRE systems in place aim to monitor and report on the progress that has been achieved in the implementation of actions and policies included in national adaptation strategies or plans. Some also refer to monitoring the effectiveness of the actions and policy implementation.

For further information:

European Environment Agency - News


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