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25 Nov 2015

Austrian climate researchers appeal to upcoming World Climate Summit

Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA), an association of all relevant institutions in the field of climate research in Austria, has published an appeal to the World Climate Summit in Paris (to take place in December), calling on all delegations to the summit - and to the Austrian delegation in particular - to seize this historic opportunity to become leaders in taking measures against climate change, and to make legislative measures concrete.

In their appeal, the Austrian climate researchers state that politics now has to take resolute action against climate change, given that, for instance, 2015 is due to become the warmest year globally since measurements began. The scientists therefore appeal to the delegations to the World Climate Summit in Paris to decide on new measures against climate change, in terms of a responsible and forward-looking climate policy.

The researchers point out, amongst other issues, that Austria is strongly affected by climate change, with a 2°C temperature increase over the last 100 years, twice as much as the global average temperature increase. Climate change is already causing visible effects, such as the melting of the glaciers, the increase in hot days, droughts, the risk of flooding, etc.

Wolfgang Schöner, Chairman of CCCA states that "There is consensus in the Austrian climate research community that we are in the middle of a climate influenced by humans, and that the consequences of not acting will be far-reaching for the earth. Urgent action is requred, and we are running out of time."

Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA) is an association of all relevant instutions in the field of climate research in Austria. The association aims at promoting a sustainable dialogue on climate and at providing a contact point for research, politics, media and the public for all issues relating to climate research in Austria. 

For more information:

CCCA - press release (in German)

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