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23 Nov 2015

JPI Climate discussed open knowledge policies

On 22-23 October 2015 a symposium on Designing Comprehensive Open Knowledge Policies to Face Climate Change took place in Vienna, Austria. JPI Climate invited climate-related research communities, research funding organisations, policy makers and practitioners to discuss together on how societies can manage data and information to create knowledge (and ultimately wisdom) with a problem-solving character. Following the notion of “openness” by the Open Knowledge Foundation, the symposium was structured around 3 main issues: Accessibility and availability, re-use and re-distribution, and universal participation.

The videos of the sessions, keynote speakers and discussions are available here and at the Youtube channel of JPI Climate. The presentations from the keynote speakers and from the sessions can be found on the JPI Climate website.

On 18-19 November a Governing Board (GB) meeting of JPI Climate was held in Madrid. The main topic of the meeting was the work on progress made so far on the updated Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and the Implementation plan. During the back-to-back symposium Taking Stock and Inspiring the Future, input was given to this new SRA, along with outcomes from Transdisciplinary Advisory Board (TAB) exchange sessions and the September workshop. With the help of focus groups, the key challenges were discussed and how to translate the SRA into actions.

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