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23 Nov 2015

EC publishes second EU Transport Scoreboard

On 20 November 2015, the European Commission (EC) published the second edition of the "EU Transport Scoreboard", which compares how Member States perform in 29 transport categories, including categories relating to the Energy Union and innovation.

The Transport Scoreboard provides statistics on how Member States perform in 29 categories covering all aspects of transport. The Scoreboard brings together data from a variety of public sources (such as Eurostat, the European Environment Agency and the World Economic Forum).

Overall, Member States have made good progress compared to the first edition of the Scoreboard, with the Netherlands in the lead with high scores in 16 categories, followed by Sweden, Finland, the UK and Denmark. Austria ranks among the top 5 in 6 categories, and among the bottom five in 2.

The Transport Scoreboard covers the following topics:

  • Internal market (including indicators on rail market opening, pending court cases about infringements of EU law and the rate of transposition of EU transport directives into national law);
  • Investments and infrastructure (including quality of infrastructure for the different modes of transport and completion rates of the Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T));
  • Energy Union and innovation (including share of renewable energy in transport fuel consumption, new cars using alternative fuels and time spent by drivers in traffic jams); and
  • People (including road and railway safety, women employed in transport and consumer satisfaction with different modes of transport)

For further information:

EC - press release

EC Transport Scoreboard - fact sheet

EU Transport Scoreboard

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